DVD/CD packages

Each package has a DVD and CD in it. There are several different meditations in each, with a teaching session to learn the meditation followed by a presentation that you can move to continuously.

The meditations are presented in beautiful settings which enhance the experience.

After you have learnt the meditation from the DVD you may choose to do it with the CD. Any movement you forget can be checked in the book without needing to go back to the DVD.

DVDs are available in both NTSC and PAL formats.   We will send the correct one for your country.

The books

As well as outlining the movements for each of the meditations, the books have the explanation and biblical background to CaraMayan.

The books also give suggestions for using the meditations in a small group or as an individual, combining them with discussion, journalling and creative expression.

There is a printed book that covers both The Earth is the Lord’s and Quiet Waters. 

This book can also be ordered as an e-book. There are separate e-books available for each of the other packages.

The Courses

There are two courses taught by Mary Jones that can be taken online - Technique and Teachers' Certification.   They are both 12 weeks long (2 hours per week)  and can be taken at any time via your computer with the practical work in your home or community.   The courses are also available as part of the ICDF Diploma of Dance Ministry.   You will need to purchase the 4 DVD/CD packages and books to go with them for the courses.

Technique course - you learn several of the meditations and the Exercise Session with two individual skype lessons to help teach and check technique and understanding.  This course is open to anyone and is a help in getting started or established in the practice.

Teacher Certification course - this course if for those who have a good basis in dance/fitness training and are interested in teaching CM.  As well as learning several meditations and the floor work, It covers an understanding of what CM is, how to teach it technically and spiritually, how to design classes and workshops and ideas for setting up your own business.   An application form needs to be filled and accepted for entrance to the course.


Each package of one DVD and one CD :  AUD$29.99

The printed book for The Earth is the Lord’s and Quiet Waters together is: AUD$10 and e-books are:  AUD$5.00 / each

Postage and packing: Within Australia AUD$8.50 / Elsewhere AUD$18.50.    The postage is the same for 1-4 DVD/CD packages.

Courses  AUD $120   Application for Teacher's Certification AUD $25

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